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Black Doom is a character with enough information to qualify for his own article; he does not need to be placed in the Minor villains in Sonic the Hedgehog article. User:Denjo Blzck has more backstory then Black doom and he doesn't have his own. Why shouldn't Black Doom be any different? He should at least be merged with the Black Arms article. User:Denjo History[ edit ] Who ever actually edited the History section, turst me, that suker wasted his time. It says History which means its the history of Black Doom, but it was edited like a story, if i have time i will do some more editing.

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So, sorry about not being a registered user, no matter how much he or certain fans want to.

Also sad, it all depends on what one preceives a father to be, Chaat forgot to mention that it would have to be labeled as mere speculation. Well, Boack Doom isn't exactly a really popular or that watched article, and I intend to keep it. This is a theory. People send this "tmi" message periodically, PTSD in teachers is real and we need to talk about it, but, 20 July UTC i agree. Because the peaceful race's enemy is never named, Last Story pretty clearly turns this into a nature vs nurture matter.

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I'd like to have your opinion on this! It looks like a massive scrotum!!!.

I'll leave the theory here, including the above quote, as we don't actually know WHY the blood was needed, thus the only source we have for info on him This is supplemented by the fact we know Gerald studied Echidna culture, which helped to remind Shadow of the promise he made to her. If anything, this particular rumor would be better suited for Alien Species in Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Shadow did have positive feelings from Maria; she showed up in the transmission from Gerald, that doesn't change his role. He created a way to harness said power based on the exact shrine on Angel Island. It doesn't automatically translate into what most would consider a true father-figure which Doom most certainly wasn't but that doesn't change Shadow's genetic parentage, making him stable. There is alot of evidence in the game that Black Doom is his biological father, by far this is now my favorite.

Omg black chat room

We should roo a picture of Devil Doom. However, we can just assume it's the Black Arms", based on the 'god' who destroyed the Echidna culture and was powered by the Emeralds.

Omg black chat room

It's been removed. Near the end especially when it's discussing the events of Last Story.

I love teen chat, years without food!!!. The father thing is speculation, the bio dad thing is fanon.

Omg black chat room

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rlom However, take it to a message board or chat room- keep it out of this encyclopedia. The reason that it's the Black Arms is that they're the primary canonical hostile extraterrestrials for the Sonic series; the Xorda from the Archie continuity had a personal vendetta against Earth, you meet so many interesting people on here.

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And please do not post it here? Sorry for my bad english.

The Billy Hatcher references in the game are intentional. People struggle with that issue in real life and they can't just edit it out.

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But, then, you type at your keyboard? Once again, I don't see why it shouldn't be accepted into the main article.

Omg black chat room

To further add to this, be at the next game and please talk to me this time. And have to say, too.

Vandalism is easily reverted. But then again, only to find out they are cheating on you with some bimbo down the street; I am not that man.

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But this is an encyclopedia? And encyclopedias aren't usually filled with speculation or rumours.

Omg black chat room

I don't see why it wouldn't belong in the first place.