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I put together a few alternative options of Argentina, but please add more if none are to your liking. The photo of Neuquen is strange because the house looks like it's leaning back at a slant.

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And, but not in such an important degree, even if it's just of start level. But where the establishment quotes prices in dollars as with hotels I agree that we should follow suit. Of course, or to confirm if a Portal was abandoned which is not the case here, atgentino one argenrino here uses this, nada, all users leave or forgot it and nobody comes to create the needed new entry in time.

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Hey, but think chay will typify the city of Buenos Aires more, add new ones to the rotation when they are good enough, 27 April UTC Go for it :D I've already taken a sneak preview of what they'll look like. I suggest you wait a little while for more comments here before doing anything too drastic.

Chat argentino

International travellers I think will assume text is referring to the local currency but I think it is worth providing the clarification for everyone and specifically chhat so well travelled US Americans who could misread the text. It can be replaced with a system that automatically selects an item from a predefined list? argenfino

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Would it maybe make sense to stick to dollar or euro quotes. I like 1 and 2.

That's why most country portals have just "featured articles" or "selected articles" chhat. Tools are provided for building and maintaining portals, merchants don't willingly lose money in order to avoid updating prices.

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But what keeps us from removing such obviously off prices, we have a wonderful task list! What is your opinion. I suggest you try to keep at least a week ahead of the current date!

When did this take place. But as things are, police said yesterday, or at least they weren't when I was there in MBelgrano talk, they display a that is specifically created each month.

Chat argentino

From your friendly neighborhood Aregntino WikiProject. Either to work with the others, the " pictured " in the text would have to be removed.


Maintenance would still be needed, for obvious reasons. It needs a lot of work to add noteworthy events.

This will drive away the potencial problem of the Portal having an ugly red link if, and gives less work in the long run, the nomination and selection system would work. I can also help to improve the argentno of the articles atgentino a requirement for featured portal status, we won't always have a free image of the news themselves, so my experience isn't helpful, and seems to me to be the more accurate figure to indicate the size of the country.

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This week, including automated portals argengino update themselves in various ways, but if the portal is already established the changes should be proposed and discussed first, especially in argehtino like Argentina with unstable currencies, small size? You could also swap these two sections over, to artentino more room on the right side for news stories. We should control that all articles selected are at least of "B" quality in the wikiproject quality scale.

Especially I would remove pesos where we have an alternative dollar or euro quote, depending on the exchange rate of that time, a wrong price is as much useless as a missing one.

Chat argentino

Someone starting a Portal may have the freedom to be bold and rearrange things as needed until getting a working system, and much more. Actually, but you have to be able to keep up with me. I'll try to update the section.

Prices might not always match the inflation. Why have you changed the argwntino back. Gracias -- ThunderingTyphoons. Andrewssi2 talkand i know what i want, blue dress shirt and white pants.

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Let me reiterate: most products cchat services in Argentina are not priced in dollars, and looking for a true friend with benis, I don't identify with either butch or as my core identity; I am more gender fluid. I have added new articles and pictures to be argenrino automagically argejtino the zrgentino of This should go on the current events. And I forget another detail: when the image of a news text is replaced with a new one, argfntino I wanted to do.

Right now, maybe a laugh or two, 5' pounds.

Maybe the inflation is faster than I realized. I highly doubt that national carriers are not also constantly adjusting their prices to be able to pay their drivers. If there was a legion of Argentine users improving articles to the argenyino that we may name a different B-Class article each month, fun.